Independently conducting elections throughout Australia since 1974

Background Information

Phil Lewis, the principal of ELECTIONS AUSTRALIA, has been conducting elections since 1974. A brief summary of his electoral experience is shown below.

Phil worked as a full-time officer in senior positions in the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) for 16 years from 1974 to 1990. For nine of those years Phil was involved in the conduct of over 700 non-parliamentary elections. He was on occasions called upon as an expert witness before the Federal Court of Australia. Phil was the first person to develop and implement a computerised vote counting system which was able to cope with most voting systems. In his latter years with the AEC he was largely responsible for Electoral Planning for all of NSW and ACT which included co-ordinating and planning many key operations in connection with parliamentary elections and referendums. Phil played a major role in the conduct of Senate elections during his time with the AEC. Phil has also worked in key roles with the NSW State Electoral Office and has been involved with elections for all tiers of government in Australia.

Phil left his senior position with the AEC in 1990 and established ELECTIONS AUSTRALIA, conducting elections on a commercial basis.

ELECTIONS AUSTRALIA is a small business and Phil personally takes control of all elections that the company conducts. All staff employed are fully trained and experienced in the conduct of elections.