Independently conducting elections throughout Australia since 1974

Privacy Policy


Elections Australia has been independently conducting elections since 1974 and currently conducts well in excess of 300 elections and ballots every year for a wide range of organisations, large and small, across numerous industries and sectors. The bulk of those ballots and elections are conducted online.

During the course of conducting its business certain information such as people’s personal data is made available to Elections Australia for the purposes of performing its tasks. Any personal information that comes to Elections Australia is only used for the logistics related to the conduct of its functions such as ensuring voter eligibility, etc. Such information is not used for any other purpose or made available to any person or organisation. All data collected during our online voting process is encrypted and stored on a secure password protected server which is only accessible by Elections Australia. This data is subsequently destroyed after the ballot process has been finalised.

At all times Elections Australia ensures the probity of the secret ballot process is paramount and that all results determined are a true reflection of the voters’ will. Beyond the actual voting results and relevant statistical information no other data is made available.

All election data is stored on a secure server based in Australia. No data is stored overseas.


When voting you will be required to provide some personal details. This information is only used to verify your eligibility to vote and also to ensure that no-one votes more than once. Your information is not used for any other purpose and THE WAY YOU VOTE REMAINS SECRET. The only information made available about your ballot is the result and the relevant statistics . No other ballot information is made available to anyone else, including your employer or unions.

The online voting site is secure and links directly to the voting server … no voting data is stored or captured on your employer’s computers. No-one will be able to track the way you vote. To ensure security of the vote and to guarantee your privacy all data submitted is encrypted and stored on a secure server which is password protected and is only accessible by Elections Australia. After the completion of the ballot process all data related to the ballot will be destroyed.