Independently conducting elections throughout Australia since 1974

Online Voting

Our online voting software is not an off-the-shelf product. It is unique to us and has been custom developed to our specifications over a period of many years by highly skilled software engineers. Voters log in to the system by navigating to the relevant web address and entering their identifying data (such as surname, staff number, date of birth, etc.).  The system securely checks the information to see if each person is eligible to vote and also ensures that no-one can vote more than once. The way people vote remains secret.

We are ever mindful that the people voting online with us come from many different walks of life and that their computer skills vary widely. Accordingly, we go to great pains to ensure that the user interface is kept as simple as possible … no prior computer experience is required to successfully submit an online vote with us.

Enterprise Agreement Ballots and Plebiscites
Typically these ballots require a simple Yes/No response.
For further information about online Agreement ballots click here
To see a sample click here

Elections of Office Bearers
Depending upon the rules of the organisation the voter is usually required to place a tick alongside the names of the candidates for whom he votes or alternatively to place numbers in preferential sequence alongside the candidates’ names. Additionally, background information about the candidates (often with photos) can also be provided.
To see a sample election using preferential numbering click here 

Registered Club Elections
Many clubs choose to provide a touchscreen computer on site for voting purposes. Typically, members “swipe” their membership card , the system checks their eligibility and then the voter touches the screen to vote for his preferred candidates. Some clubs also prefer to allow their members to vote from home and so an option can be provided for voting either way.
To see a sample click here

Surveys using a variety of responses from selecting a choice of options to entering text can also be conducted online. To see a simple survey click here