Independently conducting elections throughout Australia since 1974

Why Have Your Elections Conducted Professionally

It is vital that your elections and ballots are conducted efficiently, professionally and economically whilst ensuring the probity of the electoral process. Voters like to see an air of independence about elections – having a Returning Officer appointed from within the organisation may be seen as compromising the situation.

Someone who only conducts elections on rare occasions usually lacks the necessary knowledge and experience to cope with some of the more perplexing and technical problems that may arise possibly leading to an irregularity or at the very least bring into doubt the validity of the process.

These days organisations are more likely to attract legal action against them. A Returning Officer whose methods and practices do not stand up to close scrutiny may leave the organisation open to lengthy, costly and embarrassing legal proceedings. There’s a lot more to running an election than just counting ballot papers.

ELECTIONS AUSTRALIA conducts elections on an ongoing basis for numerous organisations. With our electoral experience going back to 1974 we can guarantee you a professional and comprehensive service.