Independently conducting elections throughout Australia since 1974

Why Use Elections Australia

Independent – By using ELECTIONS AUSTRALIA to conduct your election or ballot, candidates, voters and regulatory authorities can be assured that the election is being conducted fairly and impartially. We are proud of the independent stance we have adopted to ensure the integrity of all the elections that we conduct – no inference of vested interest or bias can be made.

Secure – We are very conscious of the need for strict security. No information concerning your members/employees, voting details or other information that comes to our knowledge is made available to any unauthorised person. All data processed through our online voting system is encrypted and password protected to ensure the secrecy and security of the ballot. The way any individual person votes remains secret.

Professional – Having conducted elections on a full time basis since 1974, when it comes to electoral matters, we know what’s what. We pride ourselves on our superior election planning abilities and are prepared for any problems that may arise. Our approach ensures that nothing will jeopardise the smooth running of your ballot.

Efficient – Not only are we good at what we do, we are conscious of the importance to you of the ballot outcome. We always double-check our work and provide the results in the quickest possible turnaround time. Every ballot is important and is treated as such.